Web Design for Simplicity

Designing a website that appears simple, clear and clean is an extremely difficult task. Simplicity is an important thing in web design, because of the users; a simple and clearly designed website is more usable. Simplicity will create the usability, however, a good web designer can clearly express the task at hand and put him or herself in the mind of the user, and design the most creative and effective way for future consumers to complete a design process. A simple website design experience can save users’ brainpower, time and effort. Needs to be simple but “elegant”. (Banga and Weinshold, 2014)


Why Simplicity is Important

  • A simple website will be easier to navigate
  • Simple designs will load faster
  • Content is more “Scannable”
  • Simple sites are quicker to design and build
  • Smaller file sizes mean less saver space
  • A simple message will be understood better than a complicated one
  • Clear, uncluttered, recognisable visual design will reduce cognitive friction, reduce mistakes, and help visitors succeed


Excellent Examples of Simple Website Designs




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